Plan to fix Political Corruption – 1st steps 11.5.2020

The Majority of the People have Spoken. So Mote it Be. 

Want it to be different….

1. Terms limits on every office. NO do overs. 

2. Disband ALL Parties. People run on their own merit, only campaign 1 month, ALL get same funding and air time on national media – those going outside those parameters go to jail – no exception. 

3. a. NO Political Lobbyist, including / especially previous politicians.

b. ALL Committees convene to Serve the People – not to receive payouts from Big Corp. Take bribes – jail. 

4. All who want to Serve as Civil Servants/Temp Employees, go back to “Real” job after service – being grateful for serving our Country and gratitude of their fellow countrymen/women. 

5. ALL Civil Servants paid as Corporate employees, same taxes, rule, regulations and laws. NO special Treatment – ALL salary and benefits stop at the end of their Term, (they work for a company, etc, their job is held for them and they return to same pay grade if not position).

6. Electoral College demolished, the Will of the Majority of People Rules on All levels.

7. a. Rich and Corpations Pay an appropriate part of the taxes.

b. Flat Tax…. No IRS, etc. Pay as you go, the more expensive item you buy, the higher tax you pay…..

This just off the top of my head…. Good start.

I got paid to consult, this one is free.

Your Welcome


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