Shooting at Target 1st re-action 8.18.19

Initial experience ~ 2:45 pm 8.18.19  
I am shaking and in tears…. How did we become SO uncaring??? 😔
Heard sirens while going to met Terry at Spin Pizza in Lee’s Summit. After, went to Target and the grocery entrance was blocked. Yellow police tape, 4 police cars and numerous officers conducting a search. I saw them pick up clothes and put them in a bag, I did not see blood. I thought it was a foiled robbery.
While standing in line at the Starbucks Kiosk, overheard people talking about what happened. Someone(s) shot a person in the back and threw them out on the ground in front of the doors, we don’t know if they survived. It is business as usual in the store. Many employees are wondering why they’re still open.
When will it be enough!

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